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Wet Weather Guide

To our loyal and valued customers.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the challenges we face with wet weather.

  • High level safety risks
  • Delays due to additional time taken for safety precautions and procedures
  • Extra extraction and dumping required due to water and mud
  • Unpredictable conditions
  • Less daylight hours and poor visibility

What is our policy and what do we do?

Gutter cleaning already poses some safety risks, however when water or moisture are introduced, those risks increase significantly.

Please know that we want nothing more than to complete your job efficiently and offer that amazing service that we’re known for, however, the safety of the team, our customers, and your properties are of utmost importance and will never be compromised.

The most likely scenario in the event of poor weather conditions is that we will reschedule your booking.

Your Questions Answered

The weather is clearing up now, will you come out?

This is dependant on a number of factors including roof surface. When the sun comes out, moisture is often still present on the roof. Moisture reacts differently on different roof surfaces; in most cases we are unable to get any grip and safety is compromised. The team will assess on a case by case basis and will do everything possible to complete the job if possible to do so safely.

I was rescheduled because it rained yesterday. Why?

Similar to above, if the conditions are not allowing the roof to dry, we want to plan in advance and give you as much notice as possible.

If it’s raining, can you wear a harness?

The team have harnessing equipment for specific property types and conditions, but harnesses are a last resort option only. They’re not designed to help someone climb, they’re a life saving device in the event of a fall. The best option is always prevention by rescheduling your booking in a potentially dangerous situation.

Why was I told last minute there was a delay?

We’re very popular for our communication, however sometimes things change erratically, and we need to advise our clients on short notice. We have practises in place where we do our best to eliminate last minute rescheduling however this will happen from time to time, mother nature – gotta love her!

What happens if you reschedule me?

We are just as disappointed as you when we are forced to reschedule work, especially if we need to reschedule you more than once. We take your time very seriously, we place you on the next available booking and keep you informed as much as possible.

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